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Original Pilipino Music (OPM) reconnects Las Vegas Fil-Ams to their roots

PHLV Radio supported “Original Pilipino Music - OPM AT ITS BEST, a benefit concert to help build a Filipino hub in Las Vegas. Held at +6350 FilAm Central, local Fil-Am performers dished out OPM favorites to a multi-generational audience.

As Filipinos migrate abroad for work, education or other reasons, they often face a sense of disconnection from their cultural roots. The preservation of traditions such as music, language, and food can become a challenge in a foreign environment. For Filipinos living abroad, listening to homegrown Filipino music can be a powerful way to reconnect with their cultural heritage. Not only does it provide a sense of belonging but it also offers a window into the rich and diverse music traditions of the Philippines.

Filipino music has a rich and diverse history that dates back centuries. Today, Filipino musicians continue to create innovative sounds and styles that reflect the country's cultural heritage and its contemporary musical landscape. In recent years, technology has played a significant role in facilitating access to Filipino music abroad. From digital music platforms and streaming services to social media and international collaborations, technology has opened up new possibilities for Filipino musicians to share their music with the world.

In the past decade, social media and digital streaming platforms have revolutionized the way music is consumed and promoted. For the Filipino music industry, this has opened up new opportunities for artists and producers to share their music with audiences around the world. Instrumental in promoting Filipino music abroad are streaming platforms like PHLV RADIO. Through its online streaming service, they have helped overseas Filipinos reconnect with their cultural roots and have become a vital force in the global promotion of Filipino music.


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