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On the Dot with Dot and Mia

By Dorothy Lenore Llariza-Tome

What started as a possible fund-raising activity for the non-profit University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Nevada (UPAAN) has turned out to be an avenue for showcasing the brilliant minds of seemingly “ordinary” humans in this part of the world.

Conceptualized by UPAAN Vice President Mia Casiño, “On The Dot” is aired over the PHLV radio app every Wednesday at 12 noon, Pacific. It is hosted by both Mia and UPAAN President Dot (that’s me). Mia creates the monthly themes, topics, and witty titles, while Dot steers the conversation within the confines of the topic. Behind the audio-visual technology is media expert and station owner Jo Hann Kuya Yo, holding everything in cohesive flow.

On The Dot employed life coaching processes during its first few episodes. However, its guests have been far richer in knowledge, skills, and true-to-life application of lofty and street-smart wisdom than any coach could hope for that eventually, the processes did not become necessary.

The show generally opens with a letter asking for opinion. Sometimes there’s commentary on a blog from a website; at other times, a provocative look at an art piece or poetry. Always it ends with a wise quote aptly chosen by Mia. In between are a rich exchange of personal and professional ideas, sometimes angel card readings, questions from the audience, lots of laughter, a-ha moments, and corny bloopers. Life-giving gems are ever present.

On the Dot is ever grateful for the opportunity to provide a platform to hear and honor the best, the highest, the brightest, and the lightest of the human experience. And, any contribution to UPAAN’s funds is still graciously received. 😊

In case you want to search PHLV’s airings of On the Dot, here is a list of topics, coaching processes, and guests, majority of whom are Filipino-Americans and UP alumni:

11.18.20 - Long Distance Relationships/ Virtual Reality/ Creating a Void or Vacuum/ Mia Casino

11.25.20 - Interracial Marriage/ Master Manifestation List / Life Satisfaction Matrix / Alexa Balingit-Alvarez

12.02.20 - Depression and Covid/ Rampage of Appreciation/ Annvi Fuller

12.09.20 - Influencers / Law of Attraction/ Strategic Attraction Plan/ Francis Marco Navarro

12.16.20 - Reconnecting and Severance / Which Thought Feels Better / Timo Casiño

12.23.20 - Pinoy Culture We Bring Abroad / 7 Universal Laws/ Law of Allowing / Ester Reyes

12.30.20 - The Quarantine Life/ Living in Isolation / Bright Future/ Visioning/ “Nolram”

01.06.21 - Money and Prosperity/ Prosperity Game/ Terry Bellajaro

01.13.21 - Music and Emotions/ Chakra Colors and Kinds of Music / Johann Sayson

01.20.21 - Why Women’s Wellness / I’ve Decided / Lots Can Happen / Racquel Lalo Sabas

01.27.21 - Attitude of Gratitude / Ana Isa Parcon

02.03.21 - Life in Pictures and Responsible Photography / Visualizing / Jab Andreo Buhay

02.10.21 - Finding Love Again and Again/ Celebrating the Closeness to the Match / Chayette MJ

02.17.21 - Mindset and Miracles / Goal-Setting/ SMARTER/ Brian Almero

02.24.21 - Estate Planning / Sid Dela Cruz

03.03.21 - Pillow Talk: Sex Talk is Taboo / Sam Prudente

03.10.21 - The Naked Truth and the Well-Dressed Lie / Desiree Badana-Munoz

03.17.21 - Alpha Female: Woman at the Top / Using the Power of Words / Ethel Rubio

03.24.21 - Come Home to Papa / The Gratitude Jar / Hubert Quo

03.31.21 - K Drama Fascination / Dada Aquino Munda

04.07.21 - Scams, Schemes, Lies, Deceptions / Ho ‘oponopono / Adin Martin Villanueva

04.14.21 - Ghosted: Mr. Right Left / Tracie Marinzulich

04.21.21 - Sin-TAX Errors: Personal Finance and Tax Fallacies and Misconceptions / Honesty and Integrity/ Manolo Salcedo

04.28.21 - If the Prize is Right: Database and Prize Scams / Sal Jumawan

05.05.21 - Ah-MAY-zing Possibilities / Tiger Mom: May or Nay? / Jennifer M. Zimmerman

05.12.21 - Correcting the Medical Mayhem: Integrative Medicine / Eduardo Pinto

05.19.21 - MAY Pag-asa: Holistic Healing / Antonette Espacio-Benitez

05.26.21 - Connecting the Hospitality Industry Virtually/ Shivangi Khurania

06.02.21 - Do Always Dream / Atrio Ricarte and Diogenes Cahilig Ricarte

06.09.21 - Daring Asian Dreamers / Jennifer Torai and Michele Lew

06.16.21 - Diversified and Distinguished: He’s Got IT / Carlo Orlando Maglinao


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