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New podcasts on PHLV Radio offer to normalize often “muted” conversations

In recent years, Filipino Americans have experienced a shift in the narrative and have become increasingly visible in mainstream American culture. Despite this movement in the right direction, there are still topics that remain taboo in the Filipino American community. Popular podcast conversations often center around success, networking, and career advice, rarely deviating from what is considered ‘acceptable’ topics of conversation. This can leave a lot of important topics and issues in the dark, and Filipino Americans in particular often struggle to find an outlet where these issues can be discussed and explored more deeply.

In response to this, new podcasts on PHLV Radio are now available which are dedicated to normalizing and de-stigmatizing the once taboo conversations within the Filipino American community. The Real Recovery Show with Lisa Trevino, Too Much Information with Maiekayla Dacanay, Now You Know with Jhel Aguilar Layug/Gilbert Glorioso and Dear Kuya Jush with Jush Andowitt are streaming and on-demand productions on PHLV Radio that use narrative and storytelling to create environments where listeners can relate, learn and grow through meaningful conversations. This allows the Filipino American audience to explore complex and sensitive topics in a safe and supportive space.

The topics discussed in these podcasts range from relationship advice, personal narratives, mental health, coming out stories, identity, racism, and immigration. By addressing these issues in an intimate, comfortable and often humorous way, these podcasts create an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding that allows the Filipino American audience to relate and learn from each other.

These podcasts act as platforms for discussing important issues in the Filipino American community that are typically overlooked or ignored. By normalizing and de-stigmatizing certain topics, the podcast conversations help to create an open and inclusive space for the Filipino American audience to explore and discuss difficult topics.

In addition to the educational and informative content, these conversations often provide a feeling of comfort and community to listeners. As the conversations unfold, individuals feel connected with one another and can finally express their thoughts and feelings on difficult topics in a safe setting. By creating a venue where issues and topics can be explored freely, the audience can gain a greater understanding of the various perspectives and experiences within the Filipino community.

These podcasts are making a positive impact in the Filipino American community. They bring people together, open up conversations on difficult topics, spark moments of understanding, and allow for mutual growth and healing. As more conversations continue to be had, the Filipino American community will continue to develop and strengthen.


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