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Las Vegas Fil-Ams celebrate Filipino American History Month

Since 2009, the US Congress has officially designated the month of October as Filipino American History Month. This month-long celebration serves as a commemoration and appreciation of the significant contributions made by Filipinos throughout American history, dating back as far as 1587.

This year, the Filipino-American community in Las Vegas is proudly continuing this cherished tradition by organizing a series of events. The festivities will kick off with a highly anticipated premiere screening of the Hollywood feature film "1521: The Quest for Love and Freedom." This historical epic, starring the renowned American actor Danny Trejo as Ferdinand Magellan, follows the Spanish expedition that reached the Philippine archipelago on March 16, 1521. The National Federation of Filipino Americans in Nevada, in collaboration with the film's producer Francis Lara Ho, will be hosting an exclusive red carpet premiere at the Cinemark Century at South Point Casino on Monday, October 2nd.

A gala and fashion show will take place on October 6th at The Orleans Hotel and Casino. This event promises to showcase the rich and vibrant heritage of the Philippines, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the captivating culture and traditions of the Filipino people. Additionally, The Orleans will also be hosting a trade expo, another designer fashion show, and a short film festival on October 28th, providing a platform for Filipino artists and entrepreneurs to display their talents and creations.

These events not only serve as a means of celebrating the remarkable history and culture of the Filipino-American community but also as an opportunity to foster unity and appreciation among all attendees. By participating in these engaging and enlightening activities, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of the invaluable contributions made by Filipinos throughout American history.


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