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The PHLV Radio podcast is now on iHeartRadio

The Filipino-American radio experience that PHLV Radio brings is now on the popular platform iHeartRadio. Listen to our podcasts by following PHLV Radio at iHeartRadio.

PHLV Radio stays true to its promise of being available on several digital platforms within the new media ecosystem. As the Filipino-American population continues to grow in the Las Vegas area, PHLV Radio is gearing up to be the perfect companion in the 'new media' landscape.

PHLV Radio is now streaming 24/7 content via its iOS and Android apps (now available), its website and is widely distributed on Spreaker and now, iHeartRadio. Support from local advertisers is growing as the platform continues to develop. PHLV Radio is still under development and will be launching soon.

But come, join the fun early.

We are actually already ON but more interesting programs and distribution channels are under development.

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