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It was one year ago when we last gathered for our

PHLV Radio family holiday party at Cafe De Manila. Unfortunately, we will miss each other's company this year. While we skip the warm hugs and endless karaoke, we continue to be joyous, thankful and hopeful that 2021 will be brighter.


I am blessed that we have each other in these challenging times. Together, we not only made it through...we "Zoomed" and grew bigger. 2020 saw the addition of "Magandang Morning Vegas Pinoy", "Vegas Pinoy Report", Open Forum, "Get Reel","On The Dot", "Family in Focus", "The Monitor", Las Vegas Filipino Resource Guide Radio Show", "On The Air with the Filipino American Cancer Care", "Friday Nights with Kuya Louie", "The Teacher Voice" "Benepisyong Medicare", "Tara Na with DJ Tara", TOFA Talks, "Special Programs by The Outstanding Filipinos in America" and "Kumares...Walang Iwanan"...with many more in the pipeline like "Servants On Air" and "Jobelle".  All these add to an already awesome line-up like "Filamusika", "Oras Ng Ligaya", "Bahay. Negosyo ATBP with Ate Jen", "Healthy Mondays", "FilipiNARS", "Immigration Law On Your Side", Sari-Sarah with Sarah Balabagan and radio-only programs like Bicol Express and Wazzup Vegas.


Further, we expanded our reach and relevance. We now have our very own on-demand TV Channel on Amazon Fire TV with ROKU coming soon. We launched regional content with feeds from Florida, New York, the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia) and Portland... with Los Angeles and the Manila News Bureau coming online soon.

As we continue to hold one another in prayer, may the New Year bring good health, peace and love to everyone!


A joyous and prosperous new year to you and your family!


With much appreciation,


Kuya Yo

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