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A. Segment sponsorship of flagship program "Magandang Morning Vegas PInoy" Translation: Good Morning Vegas Filipinos" on a variety of distribution platforms, every monday 7am Pacific Time.

Opening and Closing Billoboard (Show is brought to you by YOUR BRAND)

B. Radio Spots: 30 - second radio advertisement with an institutional script, free production of material including voice-over and background music.
12-30 sec spots per day on PHLV Radio (Total monthly spots: 360)

On PHLV RADIO'S 24/7 radio programming on the App (iOS & Android) and on


1-20 MINUTE INTERVIEW ON THE PROGRAM with distrbution on the PHLV Radio App, Facebook , Amazon Fire TV and the following podcast platforms: Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts and TuneIn.


Be a product sponsor of "Magandang Morning Vegas Pinoy"

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  • MONDAYS at 7AM: Magandang Morning Vegas Pinoy is a lively Monday morning program featuring veteran broadcaster Rex Ricarte and other popular Vegas-based personalities: Agnes Mendoza, Gilbert Glorioso and Niña Presto. 

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